Sauna complex

Recreation and Event Centre “Gervalis” can offer you three joyful baths and a mini swimming pool – Jacuzzi.

Sauna or a Swedish very hot (80-100° C), dry bath with air irrigation by water poured on the stones, is a great choice for cleaning-up toxic substances in the skin, reducing mental stress and relaxing tense muscles. Suitable for heat-tolerant people only.

Steam or Turkish bath has an exclusive feature – very high humidity (70-100 per cent.) and a relatively low temperature (40-50° C). Moist and warm air is beneficial in the treatment of colds, relaxing your muscles after a workout, improving blood circulation, refreshing and cleansing the skin.

Infrared sauna propagate electromagnetic waves that warm up to 4 centimeters of the human body’s surface, while the air is heated up to 45-65° C only. It is a wonderful selection for those who do not like excessive heat, want to lose weight or treat some sport injuries.

In addition to this, there is a mini pool – Jacuzzi in sauna complex. It is a heated water bath with underwater jets and air massage, which maintains a constant temperature of 38-42° C. The spacious recreation area with heated benches helps to relax, refresh yourself with a glass of mineral water or a cup of herbal tea.

Sauna complex rent price  for 2 hours is 250 EUR and every additional hour costs 50 EUR. 

Once a month, Sauna complex of Recreation and Event Centre “Gervalis” is open to everyone! Follow the news on our Facebook page.

2 hours for adults – 9 EUR, children up to 5 years – free of charge.

Bathrobe rental for sauna - 7.00 EUR.
Sauna towel rent price - 3.00 EUR

Internal Rules of Procedure in Sauna complex (PDF)

Sauna complex

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